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Making impact in front line
of fighting wildfires

Firefighting is a highly conservative area for many reasons. But despite the way each rescue team works, one rule remains the same – the only way to prevent wildfire from getting out of control is the early detection and fast understanding of the situation.

The biggest obstacle here is that a lot of work, which technology could easily solve, is still done manually or using outdated technology. It’s expensive and really inefficient. For instance, most aerial monitoring is still happening by planes and mapping is done manually, while a modern drone system with AI could do it for only a fraction of cost and time.


KrattWorks develops a new flexible technology to help rescue teams tackle the fire disasters all over the world. Our versatile and complex autonomous system delivers rapid situational awareness for firefighters. The main benefits of our technology is that it is fully automated and can be integrated with the already existing technology rescue team has.

This means our solution can be a useful add-on to the already existing aerial units instead of being a highly expensive replacement as many other solutions emerging on the market. We give fire teams an unique possibility to integrate our technology incrementally to their existing gear instead of challenging their budgets by making too big an investment at once. 

KrattWorks system consists of a gimbal (IR + visual light camera) on board of the drone with integrated machine vision to detect fire front, missing humans or other objects of interest. The data is analysed, added to the map and transferred seamlessly to all the fire squads who can now plan their activities based on real-time situational awareness.

By combining streams from multiple drones with various satellite data we can easily predict the behavior of wildfire up to 8 hours in advance and recommend the best tactics to use.

Situation with wildfires doesn’t get better on it’s own and we see that KrattWorks technology can make a huge difference in how efficiently rescue teams can tackle the fire disasters. It’s easy to see the benefits our technology can bring. Having fast situational awareness can save nature and lives.

Every year wildfires destroy globally an area equal to 50% of US territory. Annual cost is nearly $100 billion. But the real loss is even more terrifying – wildfires take approximately 300 000 human lives each year and cause 15% of global CO2 emissions.

All this can be reduced with the help of modern technology. We eliminate two of the most crucial problems for rescue operations – outdated technology and lack of situational awareness.

Contact us to discuss further how we can help your rescue team to make an impact in the front line of wildfire fighting.


KrattWorks Ltd

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