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Ghost Dragon ISR

Tactical ISR UAV with a thermal and visual light camera, and jamming resistant radio.

Wide frequency hopping radio makes drone more resilient to jamming.

GNSS spoofing detection and flightmodes enable flying in even the most difficult situations.

Narrow angle thermal camera provides the same quality of video from 200m altitude as DJI or Autel at 60-80m.

Optional: Integrations with ATAK and Kropyva.

The video and target location information streamed to the pilot are georeferenced.

A wired antenna can be placed up to 100 meters from the pilot allowing the pilot to remain concealed.

Made in EU.



Flight size: 460 x 360 mm (18 x 14”)

Transport size: 300 x 150 mm (12 x 6”)
Flight time: 40 min
Endurance: 20 km (12.5 mi)
Dual radio:

  • Standard radio option: Wide frequency jamming resistant radio.

  • Alternative radio options: 2.4Ghz point-to-point radio or GSM connectivity.

GNSS: dual band (L1 & L5) GPS, Galileo, BeiDou and GLONASS

On board machine vision computer with quad-core 1 GHz Arm processor
Thermal camera: 640x512 px; 50 fps LWIR
Visual light camera: 1/2.5’’ 5MP 30 fps low light RGB sensor with 4,4X optical and 12XDigital zoom
Unlike commercial drones, we know where on the map the camera is looking at. The video and target location information streamed to the pilot are georeferenced.

Wind resistance: 11 m/s (25 mph): Force 5
Temperature proof: -20 °C... +45 °C (-4 °F... +113 °F)
Manufacturer rated ip X5
Battery: 4S 140Wh LiIon, USB-C rechargable



  • Precision landing with +-12cm (+-5’’) accuracy (compatible with KrattWorks drone nest solution)

  • GNSS-loss flight modes


  • Integration with ATAK and Kropyva



Our drone is specifically designed to have higher resistance against jamming and spoofing.

The countermeasures we use:

  1. We use wide frequency range hopping radio to provide jamming resistant video and telemetry link. This makes it much harder to detect the drone and to interfere its mission.

  2. We use dual band GNSS module: L1 and L5 band.

Thanks to its jamming resistant radio the drone is capable of streaming live video directly back to the Ground Control Station even in challenging EW conditions. Alternatively, the drone can operate in radio silence mode in the presence of GNSS and store reconnaissance data on an encrypted SD card for viewing after the drone has landed.


The drone can be redirected to another area, given a new assignment, flown back to base or handed over to another operator with another Ground Control Station at any time.

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