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Autonomous surveillance system with on-board Machine Vision capabilities.


The global problem

4 – 5 million
landscape fires

400 – 500 million ha
area damaged

300 000 deaths

500 million tonnes of CO2 emitted
(accounts for 15% global CO2 emissions).


Cost in total annually:  $91 billion


What we do

KrattWorks builds drones with on-board machine vision and GSM-connectivity. Our drones can detect humans, cars, location of the fire etc. automatically and share this information instantly with the Control Room using mobile networks.

We also provide a drone nest solution which includes autonomous precision landing into a drone nest and charging. The drone can be operated without range limit if mobile networks are available: this enables BVLOS mapping missions or security operations.

Unfortunately first responders have to rely on outdated technology in situations where every wasted minute can cost human lives.

KrattWorks is here to change things with machine learning and AI technology.

Let's discuss how we can help you!


The solution

We eliminate two of the most crucial problems for rescue teams – outdated technology and lack of situational awareness.


Drones monitor the wildfire area and stream data to the server.

We mix surveillance data from drones with satellite imagery, weather maps and other available information.

We generate accurate situational maps in real time and predict behaviour of wildfire for up to 8 hours.

This enables rescue teams to make precise decisions even before the situation begins to escalate.


Our advantages


Unlimited range of operation within mobile network area.

Real-time data sharing to multiple recipents.

KrattWorks has developed a smart drone controller with a mobile communication module and artificial intelligence.

Machine vision and automated object detection.

Constant situational awareness – broad picture updates automatically.

It allows for operating drones over an unlimited range, using machine vision & AI on the board of the flying drone and distributing the collected data to multiple users in different rescue teams, mission control centre and authorized 3rd parties.


Ghost Dragon multirotor UAV

Small units tactical UAV with dual camera and on-board machine vision module.

35-45 min flight time quadcopter with 640x512 px thermal and 8MP RGB camera. The drone can carry a dual 2.4Ghz p2p and GSM radio or 6 frequency band jamming resistant data link. We use dual channel GNSS device and can add a precision landing module for drone nest applications.


Drone nest

Integrated or standalone drone nest solutions.

We offer a drone nest solution that can be integrated into your platform. The drone  takes-off, lands and charges inside the drone box. When BVLOS missions are allowed, no on-site pilot is needed to operate the drone. Here’s an example of our drone nest solution integrated into DefSecIntel’s mobile surveillance platform.


Clip-on gimbal

Gimbal with KrattWorks machine vision module.


IR + EO gimbal with integrated machine vision module offers machine vision capability to the drones you already have!

This gimbal has a thermal and RGB camera. Integrated Jetson Nano or Xavier NX machine vision module can be used to run any machine vision applications you need.

Aerial target drones

KrattWorks is supplying Estonian Defence Forces with aerial target drones. 

Our aerial targets have 35-40 m/s flight speed and up to 30 minutes of flight time. Flight range up to 5 km. They carry smoke signals and ir-flares.


Our products

Download the presentation for firefighting:

How can KrattWorks help you?

KrattWorks system is available for testing by firest responders all over the world.


Contact us

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ESA BIC logo

KrattWorks participates in the
ESA Business Incubation Centre Estonia


KrattWorks is a winner of the
Prototron competition 2019


KrattWorks is a My Galileo Drone
2021 competition semifinalist


European Regional development Fund is supporting KrattWorks marketing activities about rapid situational awareness system for rescue teams.

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