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We build jamming-resistant high performance drones for front line operators.


KrattWorks builds ISR drones with wide frequency band hopping radios and GNSS-free flight modes to help first responders and servicemen to gain fast situational awareness in situations where every second counts.

Narrow angle thermal camera enables our drones to fly at higher altitudes.

Wide frequency band hopping radio makes drones more resilient to jamming.

GNSS-loss recovery flight mode brings drones back to the pilot if both GNSS and datalink are lost.


Our products


Ghost Dragon ISR

Tactical ISR UAV with a thermal and visual light camera, and jamming resistant radio.


  • GNSS-loss recovery flight mode

  • GNSS jamming resistance range ca 1 km

  • Narrow angle thermal camera

  • Georeferenced video

  • Wired antenna up to 100m from the pilot


PARM aerial target quadcopter

Cost effective aerial target drone for counter-drone drills or heavy machine gun and autocannons practice shooting.

  • One Ground Control setup can be easily used to control any PARM drones. Standard first set is 1 ground control station and 10 PARM drones which is later supplemented with new sets of drones wihtout the need to buy a new cround control station.

  • The standard set comes with Android / Win tablet, but the drone can also be equipped with a video camera and be used with FPV-goggles to simulate “drone war” elements during military exercises.


DART fixed wing aerial target

Aerial target drone for heavy machine guns, anti-aircaft cannons and air defence missiles.


  • Very fast flying airframe with high wind resistance and double the flight speed of regular glider type planes.

  • Can be launched without catapult, reducing cost, operational footprint and setup up time.

  • Can be equipped with IR-flares and smoke generators.

  • VTOL version available.


DART-R flying wing

Aerial target decoy with radar reflector.


  • The drone can fly to 100 km distance (one way).

  • Can be launched without catapult.​

  • Flies up to 200 km/h (55 m/s) speed.

  • Multiple payload configurations:
    The drone has a very low radar footprint by default, but the payload can be increased with passive or active radar reflector working in X or S band. 
    The payload can also be a smoke generator, IR-flare or missed distance indicator.
    The UAV can also be used as a decoy drone with high radar footprint.


About us

We have 7-year contract with Estonian Defense Forces for supplying aerial target drones worth 15 million Euros.

We export to 5 different markets already and are looking for local representatives.


Our ISR Ghost Dragon multirotor with precision landing and drone nest solution have been deployed in Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and Estonia.

KrattWorks team is constituted according to our business goal and growth objectives. It consists of 19 people, 12 of whom work in product development and are recognized as top performers in their respective fields. We operate in 550 m² office and production facility with an indoor drone testing area.


Follow our progress

Estonian Public Broadcasting paid us a visit to discuss the Estonian startup scene.

KrattWorks part starts at 14:30 where our COO Martin Karmin discusses our progress. (In Estonian)

Newspaper "Postimees" covered the advancements in the Estonian UAV industry

The article is written in Estonian and accessible behind a paywall.

28. november 2023

16. november 2023

A brief overview about 
beginning of KrattWorks and current advancements.

KrattWorks CTO Tõnis Voitka 
talked about rapid progress of a UAV industry in Kuku Radio. (In Estonian)

25. october 2023


KrattWorks is a winner of the
Prototron competition 2019

ESA BIC logo

KrattWorks is an Alumnus of
ESA Business Incubation Centre Estonia 2021

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