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KrattWorks technology

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KrattWorks participates in the
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KrattWorks is a winner of the
Prototron competition 2019


The technology problem

Many rescue teams do not use modern technology at all because it brings more hassle than benefits.


Limited operational range.

Information can not be shared during flight.

Human input necessary for object detection.

Information transformed
to a map manually.

Unfortunately rescue teams have to rely on outdated technology in situations where every wasted minute can cost human lives.

Current off-the shelf drones have short range and aerial data can be processed only after the drone has landed. They are not efficient in time critical situations where large area monitoring is necessary.

Once a landscape fire has reached a certain size, humans cannot stop it. Therefore early detection and rapid situational awareness are keys to stop landscape fires from escalating out of control.


The solution

We eliminate two of the most crucial problems for rescue teams – outdated technology and lack of situational awareness.


Drones monitor the wildfire area and stream data to the server.

We mix surveillance data from drones with satellite imagery, weather maps and other available information.

We generate accurate situational maps in real time and predict behaviour of wildfire for up to 8 hours.

This enables rescue teams to make precise decisions even before the situation begins to escalate.


Our product


Unlimited range of operation within mobile network area.

Real-time data sharing to multiple recipents.

KrattWorks has developed a smart drone controller with a mobile communication module and artificial intelligence.

Machine vision and automated object detection.

Constant situational awareness – broad picture updates automatically.

It allows for operating drones over an unlimited range, using machine vision & AI on the board of the flying drone and distributing the collected data to multiple users in different rescue teams, mission control centre and authorized 3rd parties.


Additional markets

Other rescue activities

Variety of activities from searching for missing persons to global disaster management operations.

Complex security operations

KrattWorks system can be a central unit for a wide area of autonomous surveillance tasks. 

Landscape mapping

KrattWorks system is perfect in situations where satellite imgery is too expencive or image resolution is too low.

Defence industry

KrattWorks AI is able to perform surveillance tasks autonomously which enables it to operate in radio silence.


Infrastructure monitoring

Highways, railroads, shipping routes, construction, power grids need constant monitoring to detect possible flaws or malfunctions.


What makes us unique?

Our software component distinguishes us from the competitors.

Integrating external data, machine vision and AI will change the way drones are used in many sectors.
Our product can be used out of the box with existing systems already the market.


Contact us

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